How to Clear Explorer Address Bar History on Windows 10

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Do you want to clear the address bar history on Windows 10?

Did you know that the File Explorer keeps track of everything you access just like browsers record the websites we visit as history?

Well in case you didn’t know at least you can do something about it right now…

If you want to check the folders you accessed lately using the address bar just click the little arrow on the right side.

Want to clear it? Follow this simple tutorial!

Clear the Explorer’s Address Bar History on Windows 10

Delete File Explorer History the Easy Way

The first method is the easiest, just do a right-click then choose “Delete history“.

Remove File Explorer History Using Folder Options

The second method is through Folder Options, to open it just open the View ribbon in the Explorer and choose “Options“.

Click “Clear” next to Clear File Explorer history.

Clear File Explorer History Using Registry Editor

In the third and final method, we will use the Registry Editor.

To open the Registry Editor open Run using Windows+R keyboard shortcut and enter the command regedit, hit Enter.

Navigate to the following path:


As you can see the folders you accessed are as follows: url1, url2, …

Right-click on each of them or select all and click “Delete“.

Confirm the deletion by clicking “Yes“.

Now your Explorer’s history is clear and empty!

If you have any questions about Windows 10 please leave a comment below ;)

Thank you for sharing!

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