How to Change VLC Media Player Skin

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Sometimes we get bored and want to make a change to overcome monotonous behaviors and unleash the creative side of us.

We can change colors, wallpapers and skins for almost anything (operating systems, applications, smartphones, …) and is very refreshing for the mind… But what about VLC? Some of us use it daily and the native skin may look really old…

In this tutorial, you will discover how to change the theme or skin of your most used media player VLC. We will also give you a list of the best skins you can try.

Let’s make VLC rock again and change the native look with more fun and joyful appearance.

How Can I Download VLC Skins?

Each VLC skin comes with the extension .vlt, I suggest that you download multiple skins to try them together later on and choose the one you liked the most.

Most of the skins are created by the community using “VLC Skin Editor” and you can create your own skin if you really want a custom one, you can also upload it if you wish.

There are a lot of websites offering a variety of VLC skins but you should first give a try to the official ones available in VLC website.

Where Can I Put Skins?

Once you have downloaded the skins you liked you can now install them by copying them to the skins folder.

You can access skins folder in the VLC installation folder:

C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\skins

Once you put your skins on there go to “Tools” then choose “Preferences“.

In the first tab “Interface” you will find a lot of options to alter how VLC looks, especially in the zone “Look and feel” which allows you to choose between the native style and custom skin.

Click on “Use custom skin” and “Choose…” to select one of the skins you have inside skins folder. If you want to go back to the old style you can choose later on “Use native style“.

Then all you have to do is close and re-open VLC Media Player if you don’t like the skin but you have difficulty accessing preferences don’t worry, just right-click at any place to get access to the main menu of the application.

This is what WinampModern looks like, it’s kinda like Winamp but quite old, remember that you can also Google some other new skins that you might like.

If you want to access Preferences just press CTRL+P.

Don’t forget to share the tutorial with your friends and if you have any ideas leave a comment below.

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