Have you forgotten your Windows password?

Do you want to reset it without knowing your password?

Windows comes with a Command Prompt tool called net user that will allow you to set any password you wish without knowing the old password.

In this short tutorial we will discover this tool and how easy it is to reset your password.

If you don’t have access to your PC’s Command Pprompt then please try this method to reset the Windows account’s password.

Let’s dive in!

Change Your User Account’s Password in a Sec’

Open the Command Prompt as administrator through the Start menu.

Type in this command:

net user USERNAME *
Net User Change Password User Windows 10 Command Prompt 2

This command is the following in my case:

net user pc *

You should be given a query to enter your new password, you can type nothing and just hit Enter to remove the password altogether.

Net User Change Password User Windows 10 Command Prompt 3

Now you reset your password!

It’s party time!

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