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How to Change the MAC Address on Windows 10

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Do you want to change your PC’s physical address?

Are you looking for an easy way to change it randomly with a click?

As you know the MAC address is the lowest address there is in a network, when two computers in the same network communicate over the TCP/IP protocol they use this address instead of the IP address.

Sometimes someone can block your PC from connecting to internet or starts tracking your activity in the network using a program like Wireshark. And you can be tracked everywhere you are tempting to connect to a nearby Wi-Fi hotspot.

The only solution in this situation is to change your MAC address frequently.

In this easy tutorial you will learn how to modify your MAC address when connected to internet, using Windows 10 and using TMAC (free third-party software).

Let’s go!

Edit Your PC’s MAC Address Using Device Manager

The first method is the longest, but useful when you don’t have access to external programs.

Open the context menu by right-clicking on Start or just press Windows+X to open it.

Choose “Device Manager“.

change edit modify mac address windows 10 1

Right-click on your network adapter, here I’m using a Linksys Wi-Fi adapter. Choose “Properties“.

change edit modify mac address windows 10 2

Open the “Advanced” tab, select the option “Network address” or “Locally Administered MAC Address“.

Put on a custom value starting with 02 and containing 12 hexadecimal values.

change edit modify mac address windows 10 3

You can access the Advanced properties of your adapter also by going to your Control Panel and choosing Network and Sharing Center.

netsh share internet hotspot wi fi hostednetwork 3

Click on “Change adapter settings“.

netsh share internet hotspot wi fi hostednetwork 4

Right-click on your connection and choose “Properties“.

change edit modify mac address windows 10 4

Click “Configure” button. The properties page will open, do the same as I have shown you earlier.

change edit modify mac address windows 10 5 configure wi fi properties

Change MAC Address Using TMAC

Download TMAC from the official website and launch it.

Select your connection type, click “Random MAC Address” and click on “Change Now !“, JOB DONE!!!

change edit modify mac address windows 10 6

There you have it dear friend, leave a comment if you learned something.

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