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How to Bypass School Wi-Fi Censorship

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Do you want to access your favorite websites but your school blocked them?

Are you looking for the best ways to bypass the firewall of your school for free?

As you know many schools and work places use a firewall to block access to specific websites like Facebook and TikTok.

In this tutorial you will learn the best ways to bypass those restricting networks and enjoy your freedom.

We will be using free and paid solutions for this depending on how strong the restrictions are.

If your internet access is still restricted after using all these methods please feel free to contact me, I will try to search for more solutions.

Use these tips at your own risk, we are not responsible for the websites you visit.

Let’s dive in!

Best Free Ways to Bypass School Wifi Restrictions

Use Google Translate

Believe it or not, Google Translate can be used as an online proxy to access any website. Because most networks allow Google products to be accessed except for YouTube which can be blocked due to its traffic consuming behavior.

google tanslate proxy bypass

Use a Free Proxy

Using a free proxy will help you hide your IP address and access websites on a one-time basis. If you are looking for a fast way to access restricted websites you can use a proxy but this will not encrypt your data like a VPN does.

Also proxies are not as fast as VPNs, not to forget that most online free proxies provide a low user experience because of lack of cookies (for login purposes) and javascript problems.

Proxies are best when it comes to information based websites where the user doesn’t need to login or access a website that uses JS extensively.

Use the Website’s IP Address

Each domain name is in fact an IP address, the DNS servers play a major role in translating the domain names to their original IP addresses.

Most firewalls and school network managers use the domain name to block access to specific websites, we can bypass those rules by accessing the website using its IP address instead of the domain name in the address bar.

You can also try to access the short URL of the website blocked on your network. Sometimes the network admin forgets to block all domains available to access the website.

One way to obtain the IP address of any website is by using the command tracert:

bypass wifi school 1

Use Tor Browser

As you may know, Tor is used widely by journalists to communicate and access restricted websites in countries where restrictions is the standard.

When you access a website through a Tor network, your request is redirected to a network of thousands of nodes in the Tor network making the restrictions worthless.

The dark web can be accessed through a Tor browser, but be careful when you use the dark web since governments have the ability to track you there too.

Your can download Tor Browser from here.

bypass wifi school 2
bypass wifi school 3
bypass wifi school 4

Use Your Smartphone as a Hotspot

Sometimes we forget that we have this ability, I put it here because I forgot it too when I found myself locked out of freedom one day at work.

So you can use your own Smartphone, be it Android or iPhone, you can use it as a hotspot to share the internet with your computer.

mobile hotspot android smartphone iphone

Use Google Docs or Gmail to Chat

Your favorite social network is blocked? You can’t communicate with your friends? You can use Google Docs or Gmail!

If your school doesn’t block Google products, then you can use your Google Docs to communicate with your school mates.

Chatting while working on a school project can be fun, especially when restricted.

Here is the feature you are looking for, just share a Google Docs file with a friend and click on the “chat” icon on top.

bypass wifi school 5

Same feature available on Gmail. Use one of the two depending on which is blocked.

bypass wifi school 6

Best Paid Ways to Bypass School Firewall

Use a VPN

VPNs are the best way to bypass restrictions on the world, since they provide encryption and anonymity.

Using a VPN allows you to benefit from a foreign country IP address, this will let your benefit from your network while enjoying your privacy and freedom.

You can use a VPN on your school but it can be troublesome if you are accessing the wrong websites, make sure you are accessing legal websites or you can face serious legal problems with the administration.


Use a Smart DNS

Smart DNS is a service that offers anonymity and fast internet speed compared to a VPN.

You can use a Smart DNS to bypass the firewall in case VPNs aren’t allowed in the network.

smart dns

There you have it dear friend!

If you were successful accessing your favorite websites please share this tutorial with your friends at school ;)

Any questions? Leave a comment below.

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