How to Assign/Remove Drive Letters on Windows 10 Using Diskpart

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Do you want to assign a letter to a drive using a single line of command?

As you may know, Diskpart first appeared in Windows XP and is used to manage partitions and volumes using inline commands. It’s useful in server environment where access to the GUI (Disk Management) interface is limited.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to assign and remove drive letters on Windows 10 using diskpart in the Command Prompt.

Let’s go!

Assign and Remove Drive Letters Using Diskpart

Diskpart won’t work on regular Command Prompt, so you need to open it as administrator.

Once the Command Prompt is open as administrator, run the command diskpart.

Type in the following command to list all volumes:

list volume

The target partition is my USB Drive, so I put in the following command to select it:

select volume 4

To assign a different letter all I have to do is the following:

assign letter=V

To remove the letter use the following command:

remove letter=V

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below ;)

Thanks for sharing and see you in the next tutorial!

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