How to Add Additional Time Zone Clocks on Windows 10

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Do you want to have access to multiple clocks for different time zones on Windows?

Well, instead of checking time for other countries using your browser there is a workaround to add two more time zone clocks right on Windows.

This feature was first added in Windows 7 and is still available in the latest version of Windows, Windows 10.

How to Add Multiple Clocks on Windows 10

In your taskbar, locate your clock at the right end of your notification area. This clock shows only one time zone which is the local time zone configured during the initial Windows installation. Right-click on your taskbar clock and choose “Adjust date/time“.

Once your Settings App for “Date & time” is open, scroll down and click on “Add clocks for different time zones“.

Here, you can configure one or two additional clocks to display in your desktop taskbar.

Here you can add two different time zones, check “Show this clock” for each time zone you want to add. Select your time zone and put a proper display name that will appear when you open your clock on Windows 10. Here I have added Central Time (US & Canada) and Cairo. Click “OK” to save changes.

Hover over your time in your notifications area to display the time for other time zones.

If you click on the clock in your taskbar you will see the additional clocks with their chosen display names.

While this tip should cover the needs for most Windows users it may not be enough for users who are involved in international business and collaboration.

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