8 Awesome Google Chrome Tips and Tricks You Cannot Miss

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The web browser opens the wonderful world of the Internet and allows you to get information about everything and anything. When it comes to choosing a web browser, the top priorities are user-friendliness and speed of the browser. Keeping that in mind, Google Chrome has been a favorite among tech-savvy users and it has a dominating worldwide market share of more than 64%.

While Chrome is easy to use, there are a few hidden tricks and tips that you ought to know to make your browsing experience much more satisfying. Take a look below at some of them.

1. Taking a screenshot on Google Chrome

If you want to share information with your friends or colleagues, you can easily take a screenshot on Chrome. The browser lets you take four types of screenshots – area screenshot, full-size screenshot, mode screenshot, and standard screenshot. It even allows developers to capture specific HTML elements and this is known as node screenshot. You can click here https://setapp.com/how-to/screenshot-on-chrome to learn how to take a screenshot on chrome.

2. Turn your most-used websites into desktop apps

Do you want fast access to your favorite website? The standard option is bookmarking the sites, but Chrome offers you another option. You can turn the website into a desktop app.

To do this, you have to navigate to the website that you want to desktop-ize and go to the wrench icon on your browser window’s top right corner. Select Tools and click on Create Application Shortcuts.

This will bring up a window that gives the option of creating shortcuts on your desktop, on the quick launch bar, or in your start menu. You can check or un-check the boxes and make your selection.

3. Do all your calculations in the Omnibox

Chrome’s “Omnibox” is not just a search field and a URL bar, it is also a basic calculator. Instead of bringing out your computer’s calculator, you can simply type your mathematical query into the Omnibox and the result is going to show up where you typically see auto-suggestions.

You can use the Omnibox beyond sums. It also works for unit conversions, calculating temperature, and so on.

4. Cast your screen

What you’re seeing on your PC screen can be cast to the TV with the help of Chrome’s built-in cast functionality. You can do this directly by right-clicking anywhere in Chrome and select Cast. Or, you can click on the three-dot icon on the top right of your browser window and select Cast on the pop-up window.

5. Reopen accidentally closed tabs

If you’ve accidentally closed tabs, you shouldn’t have to type the entire website in the search box. That’s too much work. Chrome lets you reopen closed tabs by right-clicking on the menu bar (not the tab) and the menu is going to offer you the option ‘Re-open a closed tab’. Select that option and the tab will open. Also, you can peruse your browser history by clicking on the three-dot icon > History. This is where all the information regarding recently visited websites reside. You can open the closed websites from there.

6. Save web pages as PDFs

Did you know that Chrome has a built-in PDF writer? You can open any web page and simply press Control + P on Windows or Command + P on your Mac and select ‘Save as PDF’ from the list of printers to download that web page as a PDF file. You don’t need any extensions.

7. Pin tabs in place on Chrome’s bar

If you plan to use a website or a service a lot in one web session, you can simply “pin” a tab in Google Chrome. This is going to shrink the window down to the size of a favicon so that there’s room for multi-masking. Also, it prevents tabs from getting lost on the side of the screen when you have opened multiple tabs at once.

To do this, you have to right-click on the tab that you wish to pin and click “Pin tab”. You can right-click and click “Pin tab” again to enlarge the tab and uncheck the option.

8. Open multiple pages of startup

Rather than one homepage, Chrome lets you open multiple pages as it starts up. This gives you instant access to all services and websites that you prefer to start your day with. Setting this up is quite fuss-free. You have to click on the wrench icon on the browser window’s top right corner and select “Options”. Under the “Basic” tab, you have to check the box that says “on startup…open the following pages”. You can click on ‘Add’ and you will get a list of websites that you’ve recently browsed or you can manually enter URLs.

The next time that you fire up your Chrome, those pages will load automatically in the order in which you’ve entered them. Your precious time will be saved.

When using Chrome, remember these amazing tricks to enrich your browsing experience.

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