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7 Ways to Open Settings App on Windows 10

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One of the most important features that came up with Windows 10 is the Settings app!

It’s an all in one app for all the settings you can imagine and it’s still evolving with future Windows updates. There are dozen of ways to open the Settings app and here are some of the ways.

In this article you will discover how to open the Settings app in different ways, this will help you access your settings in one click or get more creative with how you access your settings!

1. Open Settings from Start Menu

One of the fastest way to open the Settings app is by using Start.

Open the Start menu using the Windows key, click on the gear on the left bottom section.

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You can also expand the Start menu using the top left corner icon, you will find the name “Settings” displayed near its gear icon.

This way you are sure about clicking the right button to access your Settings.

2. Search for Settings

Use the search box and write settings. When the search results are loaded, press the Enter key.

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3. Using Action Center

The Action Center is a feature included in Windows 10, it’s a place where you find all notifications about your device, as well as a place with quick actions you can take.

You can open the Action Center using the Windows+A shortcut or by clicking the icon from the Notifications area situated at the right of the taskbar.

On the bottom of the Action Center panel, click or tap on “All settings” and the Settings app will open.

how open settings app windows 10 3

4. Using the Taskbar

You can also launch the Settings app from the right-click menu of the taskbar.

Just right-click at any place in the taskbar and click on the last item in the list, Settings.

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5. Pin the Settings app to the Taskbar

You can also create a shortcut in the taskbar to access the Settings app with a single click. To do this right-click on the Settings icon and select “More” > “Pin to taskbar“.

how open settings app windows 10 5

Once you’re done you will be able to quickly launch Settings from the taskbar.

6 . Keyboard Shortcut to Open Settings App

Maybe the fastest way to access to the Settings is to use a keyboard shortcut!

All you have to do is press the Windows+I keys altogether. This will instantly open the Settings app.

7 . Using PowerShell or Command Prompt or Run

This is for command-line lovers! This method involves Command Prompt (CMD) or PowerShell.

Open the one you like (Win+X, C to access CMD // or powershell in Run Win+R), and run the command:

start ms-settings:
or in Run

Hit Enter on your keyboard, Windows 10 will immediately launch the Settings app.

how open settings app windows 10 6

There you have it dear friend, if you have any suggestions to improve this tutorial you are welcome to submit your comments!

Thanks for reading and see you in the next tutorial ;)

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